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How IWUA formed


The Independent Workers' Union of Australia (IWUA) is an industrial association of employees, whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment. We are a non-party political alternative to the old monopoly trade unions. Our membership fees are significantly lower and we provide all the same services.

The IWUA stemmed from a group of workers wanting a similar offering to the Nurses' Professional Association and Queensland (NPAQ). We aim to provide all workers with a viable, apolitical, cheaper alternative to their current unions.

IWUA was formed using the same team of industrial experts and lawyers that service the hugely successful NPAQ.

Key Points

  • Members Interests are the First and Only Interests

Our constitution determines that only member issues can be dealt with. IWUA does not have a party political wing, or any other wing for that matter, which can take priority over member issues. Members' interests are our only interest.

  • Party Political Contributions

We have no objections to other trade unions using their members’ fees for party political purposes. To each their own, but the IWUA constitution simply prohibits the elected executive from doing that with our members' money. That is the main reason why our fees are lower.

  • Executive Refreshment

Other than for the inaugural period (whilst we are developing systems and building the database and membership) the State Executive, meaning the State President, Vice President and Treasurer must change every two years. There will always be fresh blood at the top. There are no jobs for life in the IWUA.

  • Separation of Policy Determination and Service Provision

The elected members' executive makes policy. The contracted Service Provider, which is a subsidiary of QAS Group, are the business people and the legal and industrial relations specialists, who conduct service delivery. This is largely the same team who service the highly successful Nurses Professional Association of Queensland (NPAQ). We keep both arms separate. Support for member issues needs to be tightly managed to keep the association financially viable and your membership fees low.

  • Devolved Branch Structure

Members can form branches to better represent regional, sectional or facilitative interests. IWUA runs from the members up not from the top down.

Branches will automatically get a share of the membership fees. The branch finances are not controlled by the state executive, but by the branch executive, so all monies will be wisely spent on what branch members want.

  • Policy Developments and Focus on Member Benefits

The constitution sets out a policy development process. 

The policy will continue to be developed by working members and will, as a result, promote what members see as important, not what union officials may want.


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