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IWUA Case Win #1363: IWUA Helps Member Reclaim LSL Entitlements


When Employers Don't Play Fair, IWUA Helps You Get What You Deserve

As an employee, long service leave is an important benefit that recognises your loyalty and dedication to your job. It’s a well-deserved break that you can use to rest and recharge, however, not all employers honour this entitlement.

This was the case for an IWUA member who had been working for a large employer, and had accumulated a significant amount of long service leave. However, when they attempted to seek clarification on the calculations used, their employer was unwilling to provide the information. After repeated attempts to obtain the information to no avail, they decided to reach out to IWUA for assistance.

An IWUA case manager was assigned to investigate the matter and sent a letter on behalf of the member to put pressure on the employer. They finally released the information and it was discovered that the employer had in fact underpaid the member $3,000 for their long service leave entitlements.

The case manager wrote a follow up letter, outlining the relevant legislation and entitlements, requesting that the employer rectify the underpayment and arrange for payment to the member as soon as possible.

Shortly after, the member received an outcome letter from their employer, confirming the underpayment and outlining the steps they would take to rectify the issue. The employer apologised for the delay and inconvenience caused, and committed to arranging payment for the outstanding long service leave entitlements.

The member was elated with the outcome and grateful for the assistance provided by IWUA. They were finally able to take the much-needed break they had been looking forward to, without having to worry about their financial situation.

This case is a great example of the importance of seeking assistance when you feel that your entitlements are being denied or underpaid.

Why is the IWUA different? We believe that real change in workforce STARTS with empowering workers, not bureaucrats. 

If you are a member of IWUA and need assistance with an underpayment or entitlement clarification please submit a Member Support Form on your Dashboard. You contact us on (07) 3497 5071 - hotline@iwua.asn.au

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